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Featured Review - "Crypto for Starters" Audio Book!

After launching Crypto for Starters eBook on we decided not to stop there, and record an Audio Version.

After all, we are always on the move these days. eBooks are still great, but as we get to sit down on a train or the beach and read an eBook on our favourite reader screen, the demand for audio formats increases every day. We listen to audio books and podcasts while we run, drive, or clean our houses. So why resist the trend, right? :)

So this month we are happy to offer you a choice of two formats - an eBook that you'd be already familiar with (but still welcome to, if that remains your preferred media, plus you'd benefit from a lower price point) and this new Audio Book available from and a lot of other online retailers, such as

In case you are not familiar with the text-based eBook edition, I'll quickly recap the key topics this book covers, explaining what you could expect from it.

The content of the book is targeted at people who are brand new to most topics and terms in cryptocurrency, willing but not knowing where and how exactly to start investing in cryptocurrency, without exposing themselves to too much stress and risk.

The Author (yours truly) uses very simple and informal language to explain all the basic concepts, walking the Reader through the steps they'd need to take to properly get into crypto investments, offering some insight into common practices of crypto coin research, Technical Analysis of the Market trends, and explaining how Crypto Exchanges work - with an example of Binance Exchange.

Key Topics Overview

More specifically, the book covers the following key topics:

1. State of the Game: What have you missed?

A simple explanation of the state of crypto game around the world in 2018, as any newcomer might feel like they are a little late to the party, and probably want a summary of what's been happening in crypto space lately.

2. Common terminology and FAQs

Regardless of your chosen role in this crypto market game -- Trader, Investor, Miner, someone else? -- you need to understand basic terms, abbreviations, methods and behaviors of the involved players in order to start feeling at home as quickly as possible.

Among other things, the Author tells you about some things you need to probably look into ordering or setting up for yourself as an investor, such as a good Crypto Wallet.

3. Sequence of Steps to get started in Crypto

Designed to save the Reader their valuable time and extra headache when just entering the daunting world of cryptocurrency this topic will outline simple Steps one should take in order to set themselves up for success from get-go, rather than rely on "learning from their mistakes" too much, as that slows you down dramatically.

4. Basics of Crypto Coin Analysis

The Author walks you through a simple example of how one would do their initial research, and look into getting a certain coin on their portfolio, without having to rely purely on advice given by others.

This helps anyone feel more in control of their financial decisions, putting their own head into this, and growing their knowledge of the market and how things work in the process.

5. Binance as a recommended Crypto Exchange

The Author introduces Binance Exchange and explains why he prefers it to the numerous others in 2018. Questions of privacy and security of your crypto transactions, how those are reported, explosed to authorities, and similar subtopics are being discussed here.

While this section is probably the most subjective and almost speculative one out of the whole amount of information given in the book, it remains valuable as it doesn't shy away from the topics that are bound to be on anyones mind as they consider investing into cryptocurrency these days.

6. Basic functionality of Binance Exchange

To make sure the Reader is well set up with the baseline knowledge of how things work on Binance, this section of the book covers all the main operations a new user would expect to have to deal with, when only just establishing their Portfolio of Crypto Coins on the Exchange.

7. Summary, References, Next Steps

As a wrap-up, the Author gives a clear list of recommendations and steps as one convenient summary of points the Reader is recommended to keep in mind as they go ahead with establishing themselves as a Crypto Investor.

How can you get a copy?

Directly from (and other online Audio Book retailers)

Simplest way to get the Audio Book and buy me a coffee with a muffin, is to follow the links from this page to directly and order a copy from there.

I'd greatly appreciate if you left a rating and a review for the book - regardless of whether or not you got a copy for Free, or paid for it. This helps us grow and improve any further publications and services we are planning for our followers.

During our Free giveaways

As our goal is to increase reach and the following of this site, as well as our other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, there will be a few FREE giveaways that you could benefit from.

While the book is hardly expensive when you honestly try and value the amount of knowledge it offers to someone who could really use it, we shouldn't deny that a FREE BOOK is always more welcome than a paid one!

So make sure you Sign up to our Newsletter on the Author's website, and follow our social media feeds to be the first one to know when a new giveaway is about to happen.

Why should you bother?

Sure, there are lots of other books and educational resources out there, that are all competing for your attention.

We believe however that there is always a way to express valuable ideas and related information in a simpler and more accessible format than most of those scattered publicasions and information feeds are doing.

Even if you think that you know enough already to get started, it doesn't cost you much to cross-check yet another source of the information this book offers to you, and simply feel better informed about multitude of topics, with a high chance of learning a new thing or two anyway!

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